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Newsletter 2016

AEASA Newsletter 2016

 This issue’s contents:

  • Foreword by AEASA president
  • AEASA Conference 2016
  • News from Stellenbosch University
  • The 5th African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE) Conference
  • Highlights from the 2015 AEASA Conference
  • Profiling two of the award winners from the 2015 AEASA Conference
  • Award winners from the 2015 AEASA Conference
  • News from the University of Fort Hare
  • The South African Agricultural Economics Professional Fellowship
  • News from the University of the Free State
  • Young Agricultural Economists debate
  • News from the University of the Pretoria
  • Contributors to this issue
  • AEASA Management Committee

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