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FR Tomlinson 2019

The FR Tomlinson 2019 Lecture was presented as follows:

Speaker:  Prof Beatrice Conradie

Date:       15 February 2019

Time:       11:30 for 12:00

Venue:     Le Pommier, Stellenbosch

Title: Un-fudging the land issue: Land use change and redistribution in one Karoo community

Progress with land redistribution has been as slow in Laingsburg district as in the rest of the country. Many of the same reasons for the delay apply here too, but in this case land ownership and distribution of farm sizes are known with reasonable certainty, which makes it possible to investigate what it would take to implement DAFF’s National Policy on Comprehensive Producer Development Support (May 2018). The analysis presents the number of beneficiaries, land and livestock involved in meeting a 30% redistribution target. Investment requirements and displaced livelihoods are outlined for three implementation scenarios. 

The full paper will be published in Agrekon in due course.

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