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Why join AEASA

  • Engage in research and policy discussions through the following AEASA events; the annual AEASA Conference, the F.R. Tomlinson Commemorative Lecture and Webinar sessions.
  • Become part of a local and regional community that solve food, agricultural, rural, and relevant national problems in Southern Africa.
  • Identify, develop, and retain the next generation of Agricultural Economists and provide opportunities for industry and students to engage during AEASA events.
  • Access to the latest scientific research that pertains to the agricultural and food industry in Southern Africa through the Agrekon journal.
  • Stay up to date on Agricultural Economics matters through the AEASA Newsletter and share material considered for publication the Newsletter.
  • Get recognition for exemplary publications, conference papers and post-graduate dissertations in the field of Agricultural Economics. 

AEASA Membership base is comprised of regular, student and honorary members.

Regular membership

Professionals practicing in private sector, academia and government and share their knowledge and experience on agricultural economics principles; in research and practicia

Full membership for a year (1 September 2021 – 31 August 2022) R500

  • Access to online Agrekon (Duration)
  • To get access to Agrekon hard copy +R100

Student membership

AEASA members who share an interest in the application of Agricultural Economics on account of their experience, position and/or profession, provided that their membership will promote the objectives of AEASA; and are bona fide undergraduate and/or full-time postgraduate students in Agricultural Economics, Economics and/or other applications of Economics

  • Full membership for a year (1 September 2021 – 31 August 2022) R400
  • Access to online Agrekon 
  • To get access to Agrekon hard copy +R100

Honorary members

AEASA members who have substantially contributed to the activities of AEASA and have been recommended as an honorary member in the prescribed way.

Full membership (no Membership fees)

Access to online Agrekon

AEASA’s honorary member list 

Become a member 

If you are already an AEASA member visit

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For more information contact AEASA’s secretariat Petrie Vogel

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